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Along with importing yarn, we also deal in industrial fabric in India. Our range of industrial fabric features fabric in a range of colors, weaving, patterns and materials. Industrial fabric has been used extensively for manufacturing garments in India.

Non Woven Fabric

We are recognized as a reliable Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Non Woven Fabric. We can provide Non Woven Fabric in any gram/sq. mtr and any color required by customer. Non Woven Fabrics are broadly defined as sheet or web structures bonded together by entangling fiber or filaments (and by perforating films) mechanically, thermally or chemically. PP Spun bonded Non woven Fabrics are produced using a precise extrusion-based technology. The polymer is stretched into a continuous filament and loosely spread onto a conveyor belt to form the web. Air is used to form and lay the fabric filaments. On the other hand, some non woven fabrics can be recycled after use, given the proper treatment and facilities. For this reason, Non woven fabrics is consider as a more ecological fabric for certain applications, especially in fields and industries where disposable products are important, such as hospitals, schools, nursing homes, hotels and luxury accommodations.

Non woven fabrics have various Properties such as Stretch ability, Flame retardancy, Wash ability, Strength, Absorbency, Liquid repellency, Resilience, Softness, Cushioning, Filtering, Bacterial barrier and Sterility. These characteristics are frequently combined to make fabrics suitable for exact jobs.


The poly-v belts provide smooth running, low noise operation at high speeds, small pulley diameters and large transmission ratios. These belts are excellent in serpentine applications. PJ, PL, PM

Polyester tire cord fabric

Tire cord fabrics are used as reinforcement for all categories of tyres - be it cycle, passenger car, light commercial vehicles, heavy commercial vehicles, tractor and off-the-road (OTR) tyres. It has the entire range of textile reinforcement including wicking and non-wicking chafer for heavy-duty tyres and tubeless radial tyres.

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