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PP for Caps

Caps on bottles need dimensional stability for tight sealing. Balance between stiffness and impact strength is also important to avoid deformation or breakage during transportation. It has very high stiffness and workability which is ideal for manufacturing top-quality caps. Both compression and injection molding are applicable. PP for caps is optimized for these specific requirements and can be used in high-speed production line such as CCM.

PP-R for Pipes

Over the last 20 years, traditional metal pipes have gradually been replaced by plastic pipes. PP Random Copolymer (PP-R), this change was triggered due to low price, hygiene, long-term durability and environmental friendliness of plastic materials. The enhancement of pressure resistance and long-term thermal resistance triggered by the improvement of plastic materials and processing technologies also stimulated the broader use of plastic products. Above all, the demand for PP-R pipes has been rapidly rising in many markets, such as Middle East and China, as well as Europe, where was the origin of PP-R pipes.

PP for Medical Products

Materials for medical applications require high purity and safety and must pass stringent quality controls and certification processes. Founded on the company's extensive experience in the manufacturing business, medical PP products are made using meticulous quality controls and have passed all certifications necessary for each region. Furthermore, products are made to satisfy customer needs, by offering excellent producibility and superior physical properties, making them ideal for each application. These are suitable for IV bottles and syringes and this material offers superior properties such as excellent producibility, heat resistance and transparency.

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